Esteban Lopez

Software Development is my calling.

Ever since I can remember I have been curious about what makes technology work, not only how it works but also why it works. I am a software developer and through the years I have been building various projects that I am excited for you to see.

Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares.

I am familiar with an array of programming languages and tools including Qt, C++, javaScript, and I am always happy to add more to my repertoire.


Written in C# using Microsoft Entity Framework and MVC. This allows users to create contacts, organize them in categories and email them.

Made in Qt. Written in Qml and C++, this app is capable of sending API requests to OpenWeatherMap and display information based on the results.

Coding Challenges

This is an application that generates an amortization schedule for a simple interest loan.
The purpose of this program was to practice C++ loops, Qt Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming, HTML and Boostrap.

A short program that allows users to enter a value for fizz and a value for buzz.
The program will print a table of numbers from 1 to 300ish, all multiples of the fizz value will be replaced with the "fizz" word and all multiple of buzz will be display "buzz". If the value is a multiple of fizz and buzz, then the application will display "FizzBuzz".
The purpose of the program was to practice Qt, Qml, C++, HTML and Boostrap.

Work Experience

C/C++ Developer

Race Roster

Development and maintenance of Runscore which allows marathon timers from all over the world to record participant times and results.

Backend Developer

Citywide Group

Develop a RESTful API using python, flask and OpenApi-generator for an in house application for smart home devices.

Lead Developer

EXAR Studios

Established a code review process for the Engage App written in Unity and published on mobile platforms.

Contact Info

Esteban Lopez
London, Ontario



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