Esteban Lopez

Software Development is my calling.

Ever since I can remember I have been curious about what makes technology work, not only how it works but also why it works. I am a software developer and through the years I have been building various projects that I am excited for you to see.

Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares.

I’m familiar with an array of programming languages and tools, including C#, .NET Core, C++, JavaScript, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, SQL and QT, and I am always happy to add more to my repertoire.


Written in C# using Microsoft Entity Framework and MVC. This allows users to create contacts, organize them in categories and email them.

Coding Challenges

This is an application that generates an amortization schedule for a simple interest loan.
The purpose of this program was to practice C# loops, MVC Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming, HTML and Boostrap.

A short program that allows users to enter a value for fizz and a value for buzz.
The program will print a table of numbers from 1 to 300, all multiples of the fizz value will be replaced with the "fizz" word and all multiple of buzz will be display "buzz". If the value is a multiple of fizz and buzz, then the application will display "FizzBuzz".
The purpose of the program was to practice HTML, Boostrap, C# and MVC.

Flappy Pixels

A flappy bird clone made in Unity.

Work Experience

C/C++ Developer

Race Roster

Development and maintenance of Runscore which allows marathon timers from all over the world to record participant times and results.

Backend Developer

Citywide Group

Develop a RESTful API using python, flask and OpenApi-generator for an in house application for smart home devices.

Lead Developer

EXAR Studios

Established a code review process for the Engage App written in Unity and published on mobile platforms.

Contact Info

Esteban Lopez
London, Ontario




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Game Engines

Unreal Engine