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My name is Esteban Lopez. I am a software developer, and I am passionate about best practices that lead to clean, beautiful code.

I have experience developing desktop, mobile and web applications with a strong focus on backend.

Bellow I have listed a few technologies I am familiar with.

My Skills

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.Net Development

I use C# for almost everything, from web apps to desktop applications and mobile games. You can see more in my projects section.

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Backend/API Development

I use .Net Core as my technology of choice for APIs and web apps because of the powerful industry standard toolset.

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Web Development

The future is in the web. I embrace change by learning how to make powerful web applications.

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In today's world it is important to be able to present information in a way that is appealing to users, css is the way to do just that in web development.

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javaScript is the language of the web, I use it in conjunction with C# to add a bit of extra flair to my projects.

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In most cases, it is not neccesary to reinvent the wheel. Boostrap is a powerful framework to stylize websites.

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C++ Development

This is the language I started programming with. Powerful, fast and flexible it has allowed me to learn the basics of software development.

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I use Qt to create powerful UI applications that need to be compiled to multiple platforms while keeping a single code base.

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