Esteban Lopez Software, App & Game Developer


My name is Esteban Lopez. I am a software developer, and I am passionate about best practices that lead to clean, beautiful code.

I have experience developing desktop, mobile and web applications with a strong focus on backend.

Bellow I have listed a few technologies I am familiar with.

My Skills

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The Qt framework provides qml, which is an easy and powerful language to create flexible and stylish UIs for any platform.

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C++ Development

C++ is what powers a Qt application. While I code the UI in qml, business logic and data intensive operations are handled by C++ normally using Model/View programming.

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JavaScript can be used in Qt applications, I use this language when I consider C++ to be overkill.

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While building my portfolio, I became familiar with bootstrap as it allows me to stylish websites in convenient ways.

Featured Projects

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